10 Things I Value More Than Money

You would think for a billionaire that money is their primary focus.

10 Things I Value More Than Money

You would think for a billionaire that money is their primary focus.  This is rarely true. When I interview billionaires, the thing they focus on most is their values outside of money — and how these values compounded to produce their ability to solve real-world problems.  If you solve more than a billion dollars’ worth of problems (i.e., really help people), then you will create a billion dollars in value for yourself.  I can relate to my own experiences.  I’ve had plenty of crises when I cared too much about money. I lost a lot of things during those times.  But finally, I realized there are things more valuable.  Once you find those things, don’t just think about them or talk about them.  Take ACTIONS to improve those things in your life.

Actions > Words > Thoughts.

Once you act on what’s important to you, money will be a side effect. Not a goal, or a wish, or a thought.  Make your list of 10 things you value more than money. Then you will see also.  I’ve added my list below. I’m not trying to convince anyone to agree. Just sharing.

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When I have friends, I am happy. Friends make me laugh. They also laugh at my problems. They also laugh at my insane stories.  I love my children. Children are very difficult. I mean, no grown man wakes up and says, “I can’t wait to drive 80 miles to see 300 10-year-old children dance in a ballet recital.”  Yet that’s what daughters make you do.  I go to the ballet recital and sit in the back and play “Backgammon NJ” on my phone until the four seconds when my daughter is on stage.  Because I love her. Because it’s magic to see her dance. Because I value magic more than money.  There’s evidence that strong community leads to a longer, smarter, better quality of life. So I value this more than I value money.